Tor Cider Blog

Making cider, for us, is like this is a journey. We were not sure where it would lead when we started and as we learn our craft we have come to realise that the destination is not what matters it is how we travel and how we respect the fruit of these unique orchards and the craft of cider making itself.

The orchards at harvest time

Harvesting apples for our ciders takes place over a two month period. This year the earliest apples to ripen are the Howgate wonder and Bramley apples that we are using for the Traditional Method Sparkling Cider. Later we will collect the cider varieties used in the orchard blends.

This year the apples are enormous and beautifully ripe. The Howgates are as large as grapefruit and have a rich red colour. The Bramleys have picked up plenty of colour and in late September still have the marked acidity that will give structure and vibrancy.

All our fruit is hand-picked and carefully placed in apple boxes before being delivered to rest for three weeks to allow the starch to convert to sugar before we begin the milling and pressing to release the juice that we will ferment into our 2014 vintage sparkling cider.