about Tor Cider Company

Our traditional method sparkling cider and single orchard blends are made from hand-picked traditional cider apple varieties found in our small orchards. The apples are gently pressed and the cider made in our winery with a respect of traditional methods and modern winemaking knowledge. We make dry ciders with a distinctive character which appeal to both cider and wine drinkers alike.

We do not aim for the uniformity of many commercial ciders, instead we treasure the individuality of the orchards where the apples are gathered. Each orchard blend, therefore, reflects the physical characteristics of the site. 

The location, soil type, aspect and altitude  all play a role in shaping the quality of the apples and the juice.

But it is the particular mix of tree varieties found in these orchards that sets them apart. The orchards were planted many decades ago in a time when cider formed an integral part of rural life. These long forgotten growers selected cider trees that would deliver the perfect combination of sharp and sweet apples together with the important tannin required in a truly balanced cider

It is this unique heritage that we now harness to produce our individual orchard blends and we hope that you too will enjoy our ciders with a sense of place.

James Cumming - Cidermaker